Friday, July 20, 2012

Ellie's New Best Friend

I was planning to go south this week to visit my sister's family.  We were going to take the kiddos swimming and to the park so they could spend some time with  Rachel and Megan before they head out west to school.  With temperatures in the upper ninetys there, and thunderstorms predicted, we opted to stay home instead.  But Aunt Sandy, super cool chicky that she is, decided to come visit us.
The weather didn't cooperate here either, and we hit 98˚ and got the rain that Sandy desperately needed, but ironically did not get.  After dinner last night we slipped out to the school playground across the street from us, wiped the rain off the slides, and had a little fun.

Both kiddos were a bit apprehensive their first time down the slide... 

but were having fun by the time they got to the bottom... 

Tommy went down by himself... 

Well kind of, anyway.  His sweaty little bare feet stuck every inch of the way, so it was a slow decline requiring assitance from the side.  Ellie's feet were even stickier and her descent even slower. We need to remember to take socks next time.

Then at home we played on the swings... 

And when the rain started again we headed in for a swim in the bathtub.

Whee!  Splash time! 

I think Ellie is plotting something evil here...

Maybe not...

Sandy snuck out before breakfast was over this morning.  Ellie looked around for her all day.  We will have to plan another trip when the weather breaks.


  1. I love the bath pics, they look like they enjoy a good scrubbing. Bathtime was a favorite of mine and Kayla's we'd play and sing and splash.

    Now I just have to bring towels when they are in the dryer and not the closet! Oh well.

  2. Love the evil look in the bath! I was so happy we got rain but I can see you found away to enjoy both the indoors and the out. Good lesson today at Church! Thanks! You kiddos were fun to watch too..hope that's OK when I'm suppose to be listening!


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