Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break

I can't believe I forgot to post about Easter!  I uploaded pictures last Sunday, but then headed to bed without writing anything, and now here we are a week later...

Andrea invited us to an Easter Egg Hunt on Friday.  We had a beautiful sunny
afternoon to explore her yard.  It didn't take Ellie and Tommy long to figure out that
there were treats inside the plastic eggs, so they were very gung ho.
Ellie tripped on a tree branch and spilled her bucket of eggs. 
Ever the gentleman, Tommy stopped to help her pick up the eggs.  Apparently
chivalry has its limits though, because he put them all into his own bucket. 

Once the big kids disappeared to their own activities,
the little ones settled into some sidewalk art.

Saturday was even sunnier and warmer, so we headed across the street
to the school playground.  The kids enjoyed climbing up the stairs, 
but were not as fond of going down the slides.

After a few tries it got better, and Ellie was headed up the steps to the tall
twisty slide when she tripped and smacked her face.  Game over on that one. 
We'll have to try again another day.

Scout was enjoying the sunshine too...

 On Sunday morning Tommy and Ellie found the Easter treats that the Bunny had left.

Ellie is reading a book from Tommy's basket,
while he is busy digging through hers for candy.

 Both kiddos had a clear preference for chocolate over peeps.

Then we dressed up in our Easter finery and headed to church.
After church, Grandpa and Grandma Selvage came to visit.

 I'm not sure if Grandma is teaching Ellie to text on her
"Talk 'n Text" or if Ellie is teaching Grandma. 

But I am quite sure that it is Ellie reading the new ABC book.
There were a few dances with last year's bunny...  


And then they stopped in the TV cabinet for a breather.


It was another great day, says Ellie.  Yay!