Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cute Chicks and Darling Ducklings

Finally, a break in the weather, and a coordination of schedules allowed us to take a quick trip to Aunt Sandy's house.  Last week she bought a dozen chicks and four ducks to start her own little egg farm.  My kids were beyond excited to visit, and to play with the babies.

Right now the chicks and ducklings are staying in her guest room,
waiting for warmer weather to come and their coop to get finished.

Sometimes it is tricky to get little 3 year old hands to be gentle, but they were for these guys.

We got in a nice visit with Grandma.

We brought out a sampling of chicks and ducks for a photo op.

I think Jemima was Ellie's favorite of the flock.

Or maybe this little chick.

She loved being allowed to gently hold the ducks.

Tommy, once he saw the amount of poop little birds can produce,
was not as convinced that they are the greatest thing ever.

We also went to Countryside YMCA.  It is by far the largest Y I have
ever been to.  We played in a room with giant building blocks.

Tommy found a duck that didn't poop to sit on.

Then we hit the pool.

This Y actually has an indoor waterpark.

Surprisingly, we had the place to ourselves for the better part of an hour.

And we had tons of fun!