Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Fun

We hijacked Grandma and Grandpa Selvage this morning and went to visit
Ramseyer Farm's pumpkin patch.  Lots of fun for the kiddos.  At 39 degrees,
we didn't stay for as much playing as they would have liked.

Hit of the day was playing in a Conestoga wagon full of corn.


Despite the cold, Eliana refused to wear a hat or mittens. 
Since I opted for a sweater myself instead of a coat, I didn't have much
influence when trying to convince her of the error of her ways.

Ellie rides a horse...

She preferred the chicken.

Tommy was best buddies with Grandpa all day.

Last weekend, we went to the church fall social with
our family wearing Toy Story themed costumes. 

We couldn't get "Jessie" to face forward for a family picture.

Playing ball in the church foyer.

Congratulations, Aunt Sandy, on catching Tommy in his Woody hat.
I couldn't keep it on him long enough to snap any pictures on party night.

Aunt Sandy visited earlier in the month. 
We went out to celebrate with ice cream and French fries. 

Perhaps this is why some school districts want to count ketchup as a vegetable.
One at a time please, Ellie!

We went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a visit and to enjoy the fall scenery.

Grandma and Grandpa tried to get Tommy and Ellie to jump in the fall leaves. 
No go, even though Grandma demonstrated what to do.

Nope, not gonna do it, Grandpa!

But they did enjoy dragging around the little red wagons that Grandpa and Grandma got for them.

I am practicing using the manual focus on my camera. 
After a year and a half, I thought it was about time to try it.

I had a pile of leaves all ready for fall portraits, but I never did get the kids to comply.

That's okay, candid's will do nicely.

Tommy loves the wheelbarrow rides.

Ellie kept trying to sneak up on Grandma's cats. 
Here she is hiding so the cat won't see her approach!

Grandpa takes Tommy back to the walnut pile (13 bags full!)
to find some nuts to drag around in the wagon.