Monday, June 23, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Three Years Old!

Tommy and Ellie turned 3 this past Wednesday, and we celebrated with family.
On Saturday, Uncle Doug and Aunt Sara came to visit.
Doug had a fun time blowing up some balloons for us.

While Sara played at the water table.

We enjoyed some bubbles.

Tommy jumped on the trampoline.

Ellie woke up in the wee hours of the morning on her birthday to torture Aunt Sandy, who had been up decorating her cake until midnight.  She crashed on the couch shortly before her party started and didn't wake up even when all of the guests arrived.

Tommy fell asleep too as the party began.
Aunt Lindy arrived with cousins Emma, Ethan, and Phoebe

See what I mean?  Phoebe nudged her a few times, but no response.
At least Papa is looking ready to play.
So is Grandma Lux.

Tommy, looking cool in the new shades and hat from Grandma & Grandpa Selvage.

Tommy with Aunt Sandy and Grandma Selvage.
Phoebe became Ellie's gift opening helper. I swiped her new tiara.

She swiped it back. It went well with her new sunglasses.

A week or so ago, I caught Ellie trying to jump rope with one of our dog's leashes, so I thought she might be getting ready for the real thing. Phoebe provided instruction.

Oh how I wish this really cut grass, because Tommy loved pushing it around.
I suppose maybe the bubbles at least clean the grass.
We did some finger painting for fun.

And hung the artwork on the fence to dry.
Unfortunately it rained before that happened, so we lost our art.

But not before Phoebe...

...and Emma posed with their favorite designs.

Pinata time!

Then we finished with cake and ice cream.

They are getting so grown up!  Hard to believe it has been three years already!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Last Chance

With birthday number three just around the corner, this was our last chance to take our kiddos to Rolling Ranch and get them free admission.  Plus, Uncle Doug and Aunt Sara are visiting from Germany, so they came with us, and brought Grandma and Grandpa Selvage too!

This may seem like an overload of pictures, but I had my camera set on sports mode today to catch the animals in motion, and we took 465 pictures.  I narrowed it down to just under 3 dozen.

Some baby goats slipped into the gazebo to visit the under 12 crowd.

Tommy got licked by a goat within the first minute, and he didn't like it,
so he was a little shy around this baby camel.  It was a cutie!

Yes, that's TWO elk eating out of my hand.  One fun fact that
 I learned today is that they do not have any top teeth,
 just a bottom row, so they are very gentle eaters.

Photo bombed by a bull elk.  Nyah, nyah!
This water buffalo swam up out of the pond for a lunch break.


Excuse me sir, could I bother you for a bit of lunch?

Tommy takes the reins.

The shorter animals, at least those without antlers or horns,
generally stick their heads in under the seats to reach for food.

Tom's new pal, Humphrey the hump-back.

Ellie's turn to drive
Are you feeling warm breath on your neck, Doug?

Tommy and Ellie with Doug and Sara.
It has been a while since we've seen them, so it took a little
time for my shy kiddos to warm up to their uncle and aunt.
Couldn't tell that at home later though, by the way Ellie
was talking about "Aunt Syrup".

Aunt Sara took Ellie and Tommy to the playground after the wagon ride.