Sunday, November 30, 2014


The kids and I went last Sunday to Sandy's house to celebrate Thanksgiving with them.  We took a few extra days, and since Tom had to work he didn't go with us.  We repeated the big dinner thing (although on a much smaller scale) at home on Thursday with his parents.

While dinner was cooking, we took advantage of the beautiful weather to play outside for a while.

This is what I am most thankful for.
It only took about an hour to get this shot.

A quick kiss, then back to playing.

They chased each other round and round...

and round and round Aunt Sandy's porch

stopping for bubble breaks

and a bit more sibling love!

On Monday, we visited Entertrainment Junction where we spent a whole day among the choo-choos.  They had an amazing display of G scale trains, plus we were able to visit the North Pole while we were there.  This place is HUGE and a must see for train lovers.

 I couldn't get an overview shot of the thousands of trains, so here's a sample.

Tommy confided to Santa that he would like a train for Christmas.

Ellie was more reluctant to share secrets, but Santa
 managed to discover her love of princesses.  He told her
that his favorite princesses are the ones from Frozen.