Saturday, November 17, 2012


We've had a few visitors recently, and I've been kind of slow about posting.  Since the idea of the blog was to capture life's little details, here goes...

It is so nice to have Visiting Teachers that actually VISIT!  Who'd of thunk it?  It's been years since I've had regular contact (and even longer since I've been good about doing my own) but here is photo evidence that mine made it over again this month...
And Aunt Sandy made it up to see us again this week. 
I think Sandy must have been quoting the "Bubbles, Bubbles"
book, so Ellie was pointing to her nose.

And my son is providing access to the Tommy Tummy for tickling.

We made it out for a walk around the block.

Tommy shows off his new climbing skills.

The candy bucket from Halloween has become a favorite toy. 
Tommy loves to wear it on his head.
One day he thought it was great fun to play "Little Drummer Boy" and drum the bucket while he was wearing it.  As you can see, Ellie was happy to help him with that idea.
Here are a few pictures from a recent visit from Grandma and Grandpa Selvage...

And going even further back, Uncle Doug was here in mid-October.
I hope I'm all caught up now. :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

16 Month Photos

We had these pictures taken on October 11th, the kiddos 16 month mark. 

Why is it that when you try hardest to make something happen, it just doesn't work.  As in naps.  I tried so hard that day to get Tommy and Ellie to take naps, and it just didn't happen.  Our appointment was at 3 p.m., so they were a bit tired and cranky when we got there.  Stephanie did a great job with what she had to work with. 

The challenge is always to get a picture of the two of them together, and this time was no exception.  Whether it was wearing short sleeves in forty degree weather, being out in the middle of nature, or the lack of sleep, Tommy largely just stood still and somber.  Ellie on the other hand was strangely energized, and it was hard to get her to stand still.  The pictures that did get captured were the result of repeatedly picking up Ellie and putting her down a few feet behind Tommy and then trying to step out of the frame while she was moving forward.  The photographer did a great job of snapping just as Ellie came even with Tommy.   See if you can tell in the photos below...

This one is my favorite

see those feet on the move?
and she's a little bit past him here... 
(this one wasn't supposed to be in our selection, but accidentely got included on the CD)

Here we are catching the end of a "peek-a-boo" on Tommy. 
Did you notice that his feet are still in exactly the same position?
And finally, to try to stop Eliana, we put her in a wagon. 

such a beautiful girl...
I am so blessed to be her mama...
She's on the move... she's supposed to be sitting on the block!
I think he looks like his Uncle Doug in this shot.
What a cutie.
Do eyes come any bluer than these?
One of our favorite shots was of them playing peek-a-boo.  We only got to pick 10 digital images in the package that we bought, and after much discussion and even a change in my order I decided to replace it with the second one here because it showed their faces.  I did get an 8x10 print of the other one for our wall though, so to see it you'll have to visit us at home.
I have to say I am very, very happy with the work that the photographer, Stephanie McFrederick, did.  If you are in the market for pictures for your family, check out some of her work here.