Monday, July 9, 2012

Photo Books part II, and Vegetables

Again, no pictures for a post!  Ack! 

But I did want to follow up on my last post to say that my photo book from Shutterfly turned out really great.  By comparison the one from Wal-Mart was not good at all.  I am tempted to return it, and do the whole thing over in Shutterfly, except for 2 things. 

First, it took me a gazillion hours the first time around, and even just copying the same photos and text is likely to take a really long time for the do-over.  Second, during the checkout process I discovered that they were sending me a free 5x7 copy of the book.  So even though the resolution isn't the greatest and the colors seem a bit off, I do now have a copy for each baby to take with them when they leave me someday.  I'll let them fight over who gets the 8x11 hardback and who gets the 5x7 paperback.

And now for the really important stuff.  How in the heck do you sneak green vegetables into a baby that seems determined to avoid them?  Ellie will eat sweet potatoes like there's no tomorrow, and she'll even eat the occasional carrot.  She's doing great with most fruits, too.  But green things pretty much just end up on the floor or hidden under her butt.  Sometimes she gets artsy and squishes them onto the pantry doors. 

My biggest problem in finding disguises is that she does not do well at all with dairy.  She drinks soymilk, and she can eat goat cheese, but regular cheeses, yogurt, etc., are all out.  Any creative ideas or recipe suggestions?

Okay, I'm feeling obliged to add pictures at this point, so here...

My girly has curls!

Her hair is so fine (and finite) that the curls disappear almost as soon as her hair fully dries, and certainly by the time she has rubbed her head around in a carseat or on the carpet, so she has not appeared with curls in public yet, but hopefully soon. :)

And here is a video of Tommy walking.  It was taken on 6/27, almost a month after his first few steps, but it was just during late June that he really started making the effort to walk without prompting or assistance.

Now of course, he is much steadier.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to figure out how to do videos on my new camera.  I can't get the focus to work properly.  I finally gave up and went back to my old camera, but then it doesn't seem to want to do more than a few seconds at a time.  And of course I have no idea at all how to edit the limited clips that I do have, even to remove my annoying voice, so please ignore my narration.  Video experts, please speak up and offer assistance!  (Maybe then I can catch Ellie when she starts walking too.)


  1. What about mixing some of the greens into her sweet potatoes. I'm not sure what color you'd get. What about a juice like V8 fusion that masks the veggies in yummy juice? Kayla will only eat lettuce sometimes, that is the extent of her green veggies.

  2. This was the topic at work today..getting kiddos to eat veggies. One of the girls said she puts asparagus in her brownies. I thought you'd like that idea!


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