Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nautica Queen

Today we went for a lunch cruise on Lake Erie aboard the Nautica Queen.

After our lovely lunch, wherein Tommy and Ellie scarfed almost all of my delicious salmon, and officially spat out the cauliflower (which means I don't feel obligated to prepare any of the nasty stuff at home in the quest to find a vegetable for Ellie) we went upstairs for a close up view of the water.

The kiddos enjoyed the view from the prow... 

and Eliana had a little nest in the ropes... 
(um, yeah, ignore the fact that we put her down on the far side of that chain!)

The breeze was delightful, but made my really bad hair day inevitable!

Pulling out of the harbor we passed a fire fighting boat... 

and further out, a lighthouse...

and a sailboat or two...

It was such a sunny day that we had to search for shade, and we found a tiny strip of it next to the wheel house, so we tucked the babies' stroller there, and Ellie and Tommy bopped along to the music from the speakers...

Even Dolly Bear danced to Y-M-C-A when it came over the speakers.
(Okay, maybe she had just a little help from me on that one.)


We had a fun time on our little excursion.  The plan was to go to the Aquarium after our cruise, but our little guys were in need of a nap, and on top of that, just as we got to the door two school buses pulled up to unload 57 students and 5 adults.  We decided to pack it in and make that a trip for another day.

We are planning a trip to Cincinnati next week and in preparation for our swimming plans I decided to check the fit for the suits that I bought for the kids back in March.  I got them each one that has the safety floats inside.  The size of them gives understanding to why whales like to stay under the water... they are hiding from everyone!

Tommy looked like a big turtle with his shell on.  After a bit of practice, he managed to move around with it on, and eventually ignored it and went on playing. 

Ellie on the other hand, couldn't manage to sit upright in it, and never got over the trauma of it, so I think I will just go with the regular unstuffed suits.

P.S.  Out of morbid curiosity, I just had to google asparagus brownie recipes.  Kind of relieved that I found no evidence of such a thing going on in homes across the world!  Lots of zucchini brownies though.  I'm not sure that I can condone the treatment of chocolate in such a fashion, but then again... bring me that recipe, Kathy!


  1. I'll get that recipe from the girl at work...I won't let you down! Love the pics from the boat but it sure looked hot. Glad everyone had fun!

  2. What a fun trip! I love taking boat trips on Lake Erie. Where did you leave port from? We went on an Island hoping cruise a couple years ago for Kayla's b-day.

    Soo fun. I do love the turtle suit. :)

  3. What a fun and happy day! It looks like something I would love to do. Good for you, brave souls, out there with babies in tow.


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