Thursday, August 2, 2012

Grandma & Grandpa's Garden

In case you are wondering, my blog updates have slowed down because I have been working on a project, and every single spare (read non-baby) moment of my time for the past few weeks, which isn't much, has gone to creating it.  I have been working on a photo book for Tom's parents, to celebrate their 50th anniversary, which is coming up this month.  If you are a Selvage and want to see the book, here's the link: 50 Golden Years

The good news about this project is that it contains input from all of Tom's aunts and uncles and his brother.  If you are one of them, and you are reading this, thank you for your help!  It also required some trips to Grandma and Grandpa Selvage's home to sneak information from the source. :)  While we were there, we let Tommy and Ellie practice getting used to Nature.  Tommy especially is still not a fan, and a blanket was used to avoid tears.  How sad that he is scared, because he happened to be visiting the prettiest garden in all of Ashland County.  Here's the proof...

Grandma and Grandpa posing in the garden

Afterwards, Jim took me on a tour...

While Norma stayed behind and entertained the troops...

Grandma Selvage always has a gift for Tommy and Ellie.  I think she has given them something every week since they were born.  On this visit, she had toys waiting in the shed.  A toy car for Tommy, and this little doll for Ellie...

Apparently this doll wasn't used to the 90+ temperatures we'd been having.  And I'm sure it got hotter than that in the shed. As soon as Ellie started playing with her, her hair started falling out.  Within 5 minutes, this was her new look.  Oops!

Ellie didn't mind.  She played with her anyway. 

Tommy was only willing to walk on the grass with assistance, so Grandma helped him get around.

One last garden picture... 


  1. You're right, the garden is really beautiful! They must water daily to get the blooms looking so nice. It was made even more fun with those kiddos posing! How nice that they shower those babies with gifts, but more importantly, time and love! Great idea for the book and I hope they really enjoy it.

  2. How neat that you did a book for their anniversary. There's been a few times I have thought about doing things like that, but haven't really gotten around to it. My parents actually just celebrated their 50th in June.

    I also must add, I LOVE the bald baby. I think it's kind of awesome :)

  3. I think that is the cutest garden in all Ashland County.

  4. Although the flowers aren't the same, the yard reminds me of our Grandma and Grandpa Gordon's house. I'm glad Tommy and Ellie have such a beautiful spot to visit just as we did.


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