Sunday, August 26, 2012

She is Walking!

For weeks now, Eliana has been flirting with walking.  She has been so close, but needed just the lightest touch to give her confidence.  Yesterday, she took off and walked across the floor alone.  As with all of her conquests, she went straight from "maybe I'll just watch for a while" to "I've been doing this for ages, haven't I?"

Tommy, on the other hand, seems to go by leaps and bounds with teeth.  A few months ago he cut seven teeth in one week.  When I noticed he was biting me a lot this week I checked his mouth, and sure enough, teething is on again.  He has 3 molars coming in.  Ellie has one molar erupting too.  And just like the last time, the poor kiddo has terrible diarrhea and diaper rash.  He out-pooped Ellie 9 diapers to 3 today. :(


  1. Yay for walking!! What a cutie. I can't imagine dealing with two teethers at once - prayers for you and them!

  2. Hahahahaha! After a few weeks of chasing her you're going to wonder why in the world you wanted her to walk so bad! But congrats to her! With all that biting going on you might want a mouth guard for Tommy!

  3. Ugh-12 yucky diapers! No wonder you looked so tired at Wal-mart.

    How fun they are growing so beautifully.

    1. And that was just the beginning! By 5:30 this morning I had already changed another three and given Eliana a shower too. Yucky is right!

  4. Hope this is over for now - are you still coming to Canton tomorrow? I'll need to clean up, and the pool filter is not working!!

  5. What a cutie patootie! Doesn't time fly?! I've always heard that, but now that I have kids I know what they mean! Yikes! Tommy cut 7 teeth in one week?! Insane!! I didn't even know that was possible. Grady is teething, too.


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