Saturday, September 1, 2012

Story Time

This has been a yucky week, full of poopy diapers and not too much else.  But today Tom brought home a couple of books from the library and had some story time with the kiddos.

Ellie enjoys "Three Little Kittens"
Tommy then reads a book to papa...
Tommy and Ellie both love sitting with their papa and enjoying a book or two...
Also, this was overshadowed last week by Ellie's walking adventures,
but both kiddos are now using forks and spoons to feed themselves.
Well, sorta...


  1. I just can't believe how fast they are growing. They are such beautiful babies. I hope you are doing well.

  2. Spoons and forks are fun for awhile, but when you need to get serious nothing gets the job done quite as well as hands!

  3. haha! Good job with the kind of use of utensils. That's cute that they call Tom "Papa."

  4. I love the Three Little Kittens too!


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