Thursday, April 5, 2012

Making the Rounds

After a quiet weekend at home watching General Conference...

Tommy, Ellie and I headed out on Monday to make the rounds of Ohio.
First, we stopped to visit one of my missionary companions, Tiffany (Zink) Neal.  Tiffany lives in Washington, so I have not seen her since I came home from my mission about 11 years ago.  She and her cute daughter Morgan were visiting her sister in Westerville, and we caught her at the end of her trip.

Morgan helped feed Ellie her bottle...

She played ball with Tommy.  She was moving a little too fast for the camera...

What the heck is Ellie saying with this look? 
And is it just me, or does Ellie look like she's dressed for a business trip?

Next we stopped in to visit Connie and Kendra Poppaw.  The kids were a little shy at first, but soon warmed up to each other and became good buddies again.

Kendra and Tommy were working on a project to open a battery cover.

While Kendra and Ellie mostly just chatted.

We ended the day at Aunt Sandy's house.  This time the kiddos were prepared with "high chairs" and some serious bibbage to protect from any oatmeal their auntie might prepare.

The next morning we got up bright and early and headed on to Cincinnati to visit Grandma Lux.  Her birthday is this week, so we got there a little early and started celebrating. 

We went to lunch at a favorite spot, Skyline Chili, where Tommy and Ellie were
introduced to 4-Ways and 5-Ways.  No wimpy cheese coneys for these kiddos!

We dragged grandma out shopping for a birthday present. She picked out a lovely vacuum cleaner.

On Wednesday, we met up with Sandy and Rachel for brunch at First Watch. 
The birthday girl ordered "pancakes as big as your head".

Here's the close-up of that, for Kathy. :)

and Tommy and Ellie helped to devour them.

Outside, we said goodbye to Sandy and Rachel, then took Grandma home and drove back home.

Just as a note to any friends and family that stop by.  A few of you have told me that you weren't able to leave comments before.  I changed the properties, and I think you can now leave a comment without logging into anything.  If you do stop by my blog, I'd love to hear about it.  Thanks!


  1. Love it!! what a busy few days!
    Connie Poppaw

  2. What a fun trip. Is it the Skyline Chili they have in Ontario the same chain?

  3. I'm tired just reading this! Thanks for the closeup of the pancakes by the way! Yummo! Those kids are so cute. You really captured some great shots and their personality just shines through. I'll see you Sunday!


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