Saturday, April 14, 2012

Trip to a Winery

One of the "firsts" that I hadn't been expecting to report on in my babies' lives was their first trip to a winery.  But that trip was today, and so I am dutifully reporting it.
Tommy and Ellie and I went to Perennial Vineyards in Navarre to meet up with my sister Lindy's family.  Justin and Jen are in town from Tucson so that Jen can check out law schools in Ohio.  Sounds like she has picked Case Western.  It will be nice to have them back in the area.

Justin and Jen with Tommy...

The reason that we met at Perennial is that Wyatt works there, and
since he was working today he could get in a visit with his brother too. 

And Tommy and Ellie could check out life behind bars.  Or something like that.

Emma with Ellie...

Lindy with Ellie...

Ellie is still thirsty?

What happened to my sweet Ellie?

Hopefully Tommy is safer with Phoebe...

And yes, the wine glass was wiped clean before Ellie got to it.  The googly-eyed look was all her own invention. :)

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  1. Well, I think it looks very nice and I hope the food was good...many days I feel like I should live in a whinery...or maybe I feel like I work in one with everyone whining around me! Sounds like a fun day with family and those kiddos of yours are growing so fast! I know I see them every week, but when I see pics I just can't believe how time is flying.


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