Thursday, March 22, 2012

Over the River and Through the Woods...

Tommy and Ellie and I took a little trek this week to go visit Grandma Lux.  She hasn't seen them since Christmas and they have changed so much, so I decided it was time to go.  We were going to try to visit a few other friends while I was in Cincinnati, but both babies have been teething and are a bit fussy, so I thought it might be wise to pick another day for those visits.  Better to just make family suffer for now.

We didn't really go over the river, but we did go through the woods to get to Aunt Sandy's house for the first day of our trip. We got to see Johnny and Megan, as well as Uncle John and Aunt Sandy, but we missed Rachel. We did get to sleep in her bed though and leave dirty diapers hanging on her bathroom door, so I'm sure she won't feel left out of our visit.

I forgot to bring high chairs, so we did an impromptu feeding on the floor.  Ellie was sitting in my lap with her back against me and I repeatedly missed her mouth while attempting to feed her oatmeal.  Oatmeal is good for your skin, right?

March 11th was the 9-month mark for my babies, so we went to get their portraits done to surprise Grandma.  Here are my two favorite poses...

To see the best of the rest, you can visit my Facebook page through this link, even if you are not a FB user.  We went to the studio inside Meijer, which is run by Olan Mills.  Our photographer was very patient and actually took 127 shots!  Not a bad deal to get 9 portrait sheets, some type of collage, and ALL of the pictures digitally for $150 with a full copyright release so I can have any prints made anywhere I choose.  I ran to the 1 hour booth at Walgreens and had a set of prints made for my mom and myself for about $12 for about 40 or so of the poses.  That beats the Olan Mills prices I remember from my childhood all to heck!

Moving right along from oatmeal, Grandma took us out to O'Charley's for dinner, and Tommy and Ellie chowed down on Cajun Chicken Pasta.  So fast that I was having trouble getting any for myself.  It was some spicy stuff but they didn't seem to mind a bit.  They also loved the spinach and artichoke dip.  What didn't they want?  The mashed potatoes.  Go figure!

Back at Grandma's new apartment, we made sleeping arrangements with an air mattress on the floor.  Or, as Tommy and Ellie thought of it, the trampoline on the floor.  They bounced around, quite literally, for over 2 hours before they finally settled in and slept.  Next time I think a blanket on the floor will suffice.

Thank you, mom, for a fun evening and a nice visit.  Our portrait sheets are due in at the store in a few weeks, so perhaps we'll do it all again.


  1. When I see your kiddos at church I don't really get to "see" them...with smiles and personality and all the fun stuff! Thanks for sharing the pics. They are growing so fast and are really cuties. Tommy has such pretty eyes and that Ellie is all smiles! I think I would go for pack'n plays for sleeping though!

  2. Looks like a great family visit. I bet it was nice to get out for you too!

  3. The babies couldn't be more adorable!! I used to take my kids (twins too!) to Olin Mills a hundred years ago. They did a great job!
    Nothing like family visits....I'm sure you made the grandparents very happy. I would know, I live and breathe for mine!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Donna. I heard about the surgery you have coming up. You'll definitely be in my prayers!

  4. Loving the Sunday blog - hope you are not missing too much napping to do it...:-) It's Pam, I'm just not signed in.

  5. The Hunger Games is a can't put the book down series. You'll want to read all three!


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