Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trick or Treat

It may seem a little early to the rest of the nation, but Ashland always holds Trick-or-Treat on the Thursday before Halloween. Kinda reminds me of Madeira holding 4th of July celebrations on the 3rd every year.  I guess I live in weird places.
Last year Tommy and Ellie were sick (and for the first time) on Beggar's Night, so they missed it.  This year, they decided to get in on the action.
I decided I would just take them to see a few families that we know on our block, so I loaded them up in the stroller.
Once we got back home, I let them out so they could greet our visitors.
But having seen what the evening was about, Eliana was quick to head back out on foot.
Tom caught our dragon by the tail and  held onto him.
Tommy's first taste of Skittles...
And Ellie with the now empty bag...
We had a fun, family evening. 


  1. With this crazy storm heading this way next week, I'm glad we had trick or treat on Thursday. We were at Jack & Stephs and had a fun time with the kids. Yours look adorable! Hope no chocolate was found in those treat bags...I'm just thinking about your resolve! See you tonight at the party?

  2. They are beyond cute!!! It was so good to see you guys!


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