Friday, October 5, 2012

First Haircut

Brains, good looks, winning personalities, my kiddos have in spades.  Hair, not so much.  But fine and thin though it may be, Tommy's hair has been looking a little too long lately.  His papa calls it "professor hair" when he first gets up from sleeping.

So we took him this evening to Famous Hair for his first haircut.  They have a special tractor seat and set him up with a Blues Clues video to watch.
Mama was not brave enough to get his hair buzzed all over.  We decided to only cut the back.  Here is his "before" shot.

The video thing is working.  He was pretty distracted.

Oops, I forgot to take an "after" shot at the salon.  Here it is later, at home...

We went home with an envelope holding his hair and a special certificate.  He was far more interested in his reward sucker.  Ellie too; she got one just for watching.


  1. Goes in a baby, comes out a toddler! His blue eyes will be the undoing of many a maiden I fear...sorry, I've been reading some English love stories..My boys first haircut resulted in many curls falling to the ground never to be grown out again. So sad, I loved those dang curls! We had no cutesy hair cut places so all first pics would involve tons of tears..if I had taken any first pics. I wasn't into as many photo moments as I am now!

  2. I love this. I see they have figured out how to give the sucker after the haircut now. Dakota's first haircut started with a sucker, which turned into a furball by the time we were finished with a lot of tears!!!!

  3. I love the tractor chair! I wish they would put in a video for me when I get my hair cut :)


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