Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Visit with Grandma Lux

Tommy and Ellie and I took a quick trip south to catch a visit with Grandma Lux and my sister Sandy.
 The kiddos previewed their Halloween costumes for Grandma...
 Watch out for fireballs...
My sweet chickybaby...
We played outside and the kids enjoyed puppy time...
 Grandma got puppy time too...
Whether she enjoyed it or not is up for debate...

 When did my little babies get all grown up?


  1. There is something about babies that bond families together even stronger. I love those costumes, they are way to cute!!!!

  2. Those costumes are ADORABLE! Your babies are adorable.

  3. Cute costumes! Love the pics. They may be getting older but believe me, there is much more to their growing up that will be definite "blog worthy" moments. How sweet to spend time with Grandma Lux. Are those your puppies?

  4. Love the costumes, Vickie, so glad Grandma got to see them! (and me too!)


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