Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring is Springing

Haven't blogged in a few months, so here are some random moments.

We made Groundhog's Day cookies with little chocolate grahams that pop up from their burrows.

100th day of preschool

gymnastics class

Rocket Valentine mailbox

Princess castle Valentine mailbox

Warm day, so we ran to the playground

Just hanging out

Ellie actually liked some "real food" that I made and requested it again for a potluck dinner at church.

Visual aid for Ellie's first Primary talk.  This is her picture of Aunt Sandy feeding her chicken.
Nice rainbow in the sky. :) 
More hanging around

The ducks must have been full this day. They didn't want our bread, so Tommy and Ellie ate it for them.

Went for a walk in the woods.  Flowers are starting to pop up.

No Mama... I don't need a nap!

Our favorite new playground, behind Dale-Roy, has equipment that can be used by children with disabilities.  Our whole family enjoyed their new teeter-totter.


  1. I wondered if that was the Freer Field you were walking in...I haven't gone there in a long time and need to take the dog for a walk to check it out. Your kiddos are getting so big. They are beautiful and it looks like you are giving them wonderful memories and lots of fun days! Good job Momma!

    1. Yes, it was the woods at Freer Field. I only knew about the path because of your blog. Thanks for that heads up! :)

  2. I graduated high school with the woman who's family donated that play ground. Super nice folks.

  3. Wow I have been away from blog world for too long! When did the kids become so grown?!

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