Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter Sports

We started out the new year by celebrating Grandpa Selvage's 80th birthday.  He is a New Year's baby, so on the 1st, we stopped by their home and took him a cake.

Then on Sunday, we had a family gathering with all of his and Norma's siblings, plus Doug came home from Germany for a surprise visit.  I forgot to take put my SD card back in my camera AND forgot to bring my cell phone.  Really, Vickie? 80 years old, and you don't manage to get pictures!!!

Tommy and Ellie were excited one Friday to tell me about their swimming lesson.  They got to paddle around the pool in a kayak!  So fun.  Thankfully, Tommy's teacher DID remember her camera, and she posted these pictures on Facebook for me.

Ellie was so excited to tell about this that she was tripping over her words.

What a great confidence building exercise!

And FINALLY, we got some snow last week.

Although it wasn't enough to build a snowman like
they wanted, it was enough to flap up a few angels.

And to bounce around in a bit.

Yay for snow!

The "sand castle" that they built was about 2" high.


  1. Happy Birthday to that handsome 80yr old! I found an old video at my Mom's that had my boys when they were little and our dog Ferris, and me, playing in the snow. Fun times and memories...just like the ones you're making with your cuties!

  2. He looks pretty good and happy at 80.

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