Saturday, February 2, 2013

H-I-J Elmo

My babies are growing up so quickly, and this past month Ellie's language skills have just blossomed.  She has been obsessed for quite some time with her ABC's, although she is quite insistent that they are H-I-J's.  Last week she added another letter, and they became H-I-J-Elmos.  After much discussion, she now knows that K comes before Elmo.


  1. Let's see...walking and the fun will begin! (one day you will wonder why you were so excited for them to do these things!)

  2. How cute! Very creative! Missed seeing you and your little ones on Sunday, but I agree, it was much too cold!

  3. *(I agreed with the kids that it was much too cold) :)

  4. If K comes before Elmo, is Elmo in between K & L? I need to figure this out before my Praxis ;) That is super cute - and they are super cute! That little Tommy is going to be quite the ladies man!

    1. Say Elmo out loud. Now say H-I-J-K-L-MO. We're just missing the N here. :)


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