Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Trip to the Zoo

Aunt Sandy came for a visit this week and we took Tommy and Ellie to the Cleveland Zoo.  About halfway there, I realized that I forgot to take my camera, so thank you Sandy for the pictures to go with these fun memories.

The zoo has an awesome indoor rainforest, and we enjoyed up close and personal exhibits with the monkeys and birds.  Well maybe with the monkeys, the birds got a little too close when they flew overhead and pooped on Sandy's jacket.  Thank goodness she wasn't wearing it at the time.

Note to self: if you ever win a trip to the Amazon, don't bother packing sweatshirts. And when in doubt, dress in layers. I dressed myself and my kids for the OUTSIDE weather. Yes, even though I knew we were going to be indoors, and in a rainforest atmosphere. So it was probably in the upper 80's, at least, and very humid.  The only article of clothing I could remove without risking arrest was my socks, so they went.

At the gift shop we picked up two monkeys, two bamboo flutes, and one "educational" book.  The book was actually intended for my brother-in-law, but with recorded sounds to teach us about several species, "Farts in the Wild" was thoroughly enjoyed by the under 2 set.
Just a snuggle with Aunt Sandy...


  1. Hey, you look "hot" in that pic holding Ellie! Oh, and getting pooped on by a bird is considered good luck..just sayin'.

  2. How fun (and hot!) I'm so ashamed to say it, but I've never been to the Cleveland Zoo. We need to go someday. Maybe it wasn't funny for Sandy, but that's hilarious about the bird pooping on her jacket! I'm glad she wasn't wearing it when that happened! I'd really like to read "Farts in the Wild" someday. I wonder if our library has it? :) My kids love their aunts, just like it looks that your kids do.

  3. I tagged you for a "Liebster Award" and if you care to play along, all the details are here:


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