Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Birthday!

On Monday morning, Tommy woke up at 4:00 in the morning. 
I brought him out to the living room, where he saw his happy birthday sign on the wall...

and he tried on his birthday party hat and gave me a big grin.

Later in the day, Grandma Lux arrived to join the celebration...

along with Grandpa Selvage,

Grandma Selvage,

Great Aunt Polly,

Aunt Lindy,
cousin Emma, Aunt Sandy, 

and of course, Mama and Papa

You may notice a theme here, that all of the ladies are wearing headbands. 
I think Ellie has earned that with all of the head squeezers she has worn this year!

We played a game of Wheel of Fortune in honor of their favorite show.
Then they opened presents.  Here Aunt Sandy is reading them the book
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom that she picked out for them...

Then onto the cake! Unprompted, they pounded their hands in unison with anticipation.

At first they approach tentatively,

but after a few tastes of the lettering...

it was no holds barred, and they dug in with both hands!

Ellie stops for a little nap for a minute.  Or maybe she's just holding in the nausea,
since she just polished off more than half of a 6" cake.

She's fine though, and no tears when the remains were removed...

Tommy is wiped out by the effort though, and after a quick wipe down
and clothing change, takes a nap in papa's arms.


  1.'s been a year already? Wow! Well, Happy, Happy, Birthday, the twinners and parents! Cute first bday pics...gotta love the traditional cake bashing..funny thing is..I still eat cake that way!

  2. Beats Akron Children's and being away from home like a year ago. But, Oh the places you will go, now that they are about to embark on the walking-talking phase of life. Motherhood is such a gift. I'm so glad that you get to enjoy this. I wish I understood the gift I had when mine were little. But I'll be able to understand when the grandkids come. :) (In 7-10 plus years I hope.) Happy Birthday to your two gorgeous twins...


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