Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pretty Horses

The big news of the week has no pictures to go with it. :(
Tommy is walking!  Not always, and these aren't even his very first steps, those happened a month ago.  His first step was on May 29th, but after amazing us with his two step sequence he seemed to give up the effort and has been pushing around everything that isn't nailed down as a walker. Toy bins, laundry baskets, chairs, whatever he can find.  Even sometimes his walker. :)

Now he is toddling off for several steps before falling, and he's doing it frequently and without prompting.  On Saturday he crossed the living room to go from Tom to me and made it the whole six feet or so without a hitch. 

Ellie is also starting to show an interest in moving around on her feet, but she demands full assistance to do it.  She still HATES to fall down and we are trying to teach her to do it gracefully, so she doesn't crack her head.  The phrase, "just bend your butt and sit, Ellie!" is a common one.


This afternoon (oops, it's after midnight, so yesterday afternoon) we took a little field trip and went to the Carousel in Mansfield.  Beautiful Merry-Go-Round.  The music was pretty loud and at first I thought it might scare the kiddos, but nope, they enjoyed it and bopped along with it.

I wasn't able to get any good shots of babies riding the horses, because they didn't ride them. :)  We did do one round, but we just sat in the sleigh seat.  I tried to get Ellie posed on one of the horses afterwards, but me with the camera left Tom holding both children, so it just wasn't happening.

We did however buy Ellie a beautiful fairy princess hair thingamabob though.  She was even a good sport about keeping it on the whole time we were there.  She must have been really distracted by the music.

Once we got home it lasted about 30 seconds... 

No matching headgear for Tommy, but just look how excited he is to be wearing his sister's Christmas bib!

Really he is excited about eating corn on the cob.  They both thought it was great fun... 

and did a pretty darned good job polishing it off, too!

These pictures are from a few days ago.  Ellie and Tommy are beginning to use spoons to eat.  I load one up with yogurt or some other sticky substance and then pass the torch...

The first time we tried this I think I counted nearly a dozen spoons on the floor after dinner.  Tommy is very into disposable...

My theory is that once they get good with getting the spoons into their mouths (before losing the food) we will move on to letting them load the spoons.  Tune in next week...

And by the way... HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY, SANDY!!!

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