Friday, October 30, 2015

Crazy Week!

Halloween may come close to outranking Christmas as the favorite holiday in the life of a child.  The build-up to the main event at preschool this week has been fun.  Monday and Tuesday were costume days, then Wednesday was Halloween shirt day, Thursday was crazy sock day, and Friday was crazy hat day.

Before and between those days, Tommy and Ellie had an already busy schedule: Primary Sacrament program on Sunday with a follow-up scripture costume party, a friend's costume birthday party on Monday, a church potluck and trunk-or-treat on Wednesday, and Trick-or-Treating last night.  My camera did a lot of clicking this week!

Monday costume was Spiderman.  He was one of three Spidermen in his class.

Ellie was one of several kitties, but the only one with full hat and fur.
The costume was so warm that it only lasted about a half hour.


The trimmed down cat costume.
We went for a walk in the beautiful woods after school.
Tommy's looking a bit chunky here, but it's just his
Spiderman super muscles under the coat.
The birthday party was lots of fun, and they
 saw several friends from preschool and church there.
Ellie debuted her day 2 costume at the birthday party.
She was Princess Sophia, complete with magical amulet.
Tommy's day 2 costume was Captain Hook.
He's been calling himself that for months now!
He had already decorated his hat in anticipation of Friday's Crazy Hat Day,
but we used it anyway, because I never got around to making his Hook hat.
The kids decorated these graveyard dirty dessert cupcakes for the party at church.
They won the "best decorated" award.
Tommy met up with a few more pirates at the party.
and Ellie found herself with a few more princesses.

Trick-or-Treat was a bit cold and blustery.  Captain Hook lost
his hat after the first house, and I carried it the rest of the way.
My crazy kiddo would NOT wear his hat for even one second on crazy hat day!
Ellie labored for hours last weekend to make this hat, but didn't want to wear
it at school.  She had it stuffed in her backpack.  But I pulled it out and swapped
hats with her.  She wore my buffalo hat, and I modeled this hat.  She took
some pictures of me, and there were soon other kids wanting to wear her hat.
Once it was popular with them, she was okay with wearing it too.
She's an awfully cute buffalo!
But even better in the hat of her own creation!


  1. Fun, fun times even though they're busy as heck! I miss those days! Your kiddos are growing so fast but sure are cuties and I loved seeing their costumes on Wednesday! Maybe you can slow down just a bit now that the Primary program is was one of the best I've seen so congrats to you, your teachers and all the kids! Very spiritual!

  2. Halloween is so much fun with preschoolers. I love this age all the way up to about 12. Then something starts changing in them. I miss those moments with mine. We have other fun moments though. There truly is a season for everything.

  3. Wow what a busy, but super fun week. So many cute costumes. Halloween is so much fun. I love the idea of a follow-up scripture costume party after the sacrament presentation. I'll have to remember that for next year. I saw those adorable paintings they made with the spider web and ghost on Pinterest. Love that idea.

    PS My exclamation key is not working, so imagine pretty much every sentence above with an exclamation mark. haha.


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