Monday, September 7, 2015

Preschool is Cool!

The moment my kids have been waiting for has finally arrived... they are now officially preschool students.  They started preschool at the Y on Tuesday

Tommy is in the purple room.

and Ellie is in the green room.  Which caused more than a small meltdown
on open house night because go ahead, guess what Ellie's favorite color is? 

They are having fun, meeting lots of kids, and starting to keep secrets already.  When I went to pick them up one day, I got there just as the kids were all returning from the playground to the classrooms.  I had to park my car and wait for them to cross, and I watched Tommy walk all the way back holding hands with a pretty little girl.  When I asked him about it, he denied all knowledge of the event, and proclaimed, "Mama, I'm not saying you!" (I'm not telling you about it!)

And so, what am I doing with my newfound freedom?
Well, the first day, I went home and cleaned.  I didn't manage to sit down even once in the whole time I was home alone.  The second day I got smarter.  I took a shower.  By myself.  Nobody pounding on the door.  I managed to get all the way dry before I got dressed, and didn't have to wipe anyone's poopy butt before I even got my own covered.  Sweet Freedom!  I could get used to that!


  1. One day you'll wish for those poopy bottom days to be back...or not! Enjoy your freedom time!

  2. It's hard to believe, but your really do miss the noise, when they are now adult people...
    Glad, you can get the coveted solo shower.


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