Friday, June 5, 2015

Princesses and Shiny Farmers

My kiddos have reached the age where it is time to have birthday parties with friends their age, rather than just with family.  They've also reached the age where they each want a party with their own theme.  So this year, we are doing two parties.  Each party will celebrate both children.

The first party was Eliana's choice of theme, so we had a princess party.  We also had this one with just family.  In fact, just part of our family.  My sister Sandy graciously allowed the use of her "castle" for the event.  We had everyone dress in their royal best (okay, Sunday best) and had a royal gala.  I went with a princesses and knights in shining armor, or "shiny farmers" as my kids call them, theme to even up the girl-boy thing.

Before things got out of hand and clothes got too messed up, we headed out side to try for a family portrait.  We never did get everyone paying attention at the same time, but I kind of like this one.

Guests included: Uncle John...

Aunt Sandy

Rachel and John

Megan and Cole
and Grandma Lux

The Princess Eliana cake was the star of the dessert table...
flanked by a castle full of cupcakes...
...and an army of shiny farmers.
We also had crown pb&j sandwiches, castle and crown cheeses, crackers, pretzels, popcorn...
...and fruit wands.
after our big fancy meal...
Ellie and Papa danced to some princess music.
Megan was the only other person to dance, and she did a great job of swinging Ellie to the music.

Then we headed outdoors for some more fun.  We started with horse races...
Megan had to use strategy to overcome Cole's fancy football maneuvers.

John learned that horses are faster than dragons.

Then we had archery contests.
Check out the look of concentration on my face!

We went back in to open presents and eat cake.
This was Tommy's gift to Ellie.

And we finished off the evening with a pinata.

Which our princess finished off forthwith!
This Thursday, on their actual birthday, we will be doing a kid party at home with a Neverland Pirates theme.  Stay tuned...


  1. What a hoot! I love the "shiny farmers"! Looks like a fun time was had by all and the family portrait was great. You all look so pretty/handsome! Wonderful menu too...very clever! Happy Birthday to those two cuties! Time is flying by!

  2. I love your creativity. When its time do you do wedding receptions? So much fun!!!

  3. Shiny farmers!! Too funny! The cakes were awesome, especially the one that was dressed like Elli. I bet she just loved it! How old are they now, 4?


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