Saturday, October 11, 2014

Honey Haven Farm

We went to Honey Haven Farm today to pick out pumpkins with the kids.  Our plan was to go pick our own from the field.  When we went through the sales barn though, the kids ran for the mini pumpkins.  We got them each one of those, and we picked out two pie pumpkins for our "big" pumpkins.  They had tons of fun playing at the tractor playground, and we took a horse drawn hay ride around the farm too.

If I ever have reason to create one of these "stick your face in the hole" picture thingys, I will try to remember to paint both the front AND the back.  I have yet to see a young child grasp the concept of what is being done.  From the back, they are just sticking their face through a piece of plain old plywood.  And why on earth would they smile about that?

Ellie got a cute butterfly painted on her face.

Tommy was in machinery heaven today when he got to drive the big tractor at the playground.

And on another note.... Ellie's a big kid now.  She is potty trained!!!
With potty chairs sitting around our home for the past year and a half, you would think this would have been done long ago.  It wasn't.  But a new princess potty and princess panties, plus wanting to be more like the big kids at the playground finally swayed Ellie.  The first two days were a little rough for her, but then she caught on, and she hasn't had any accidents in over two weeks.  Hurrah!!!

Now if only the new Thomas the train potty and underwear, and the "Chugga, Chugga, Pooh, Pooh!" book would work for Tommy. 
New princess panties.  "I can do it myself, Mama!"

Well, almost!


  1. We've had fun at Honey Haven a few times...look like you guys took advantage of all the goodies! Ellie...way to go girl! Congrats on potty training. Don't worry, Tommy will get there too!

  2. Potty training for boys...ugh! Looks like a fun pumpkin day.


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