Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eat Your Vegetables to Grow Big and Strong

We have a little issue at our house about eating vegetables.  As in, my kiddos won't.
So we planted a little garden, thinking that if they helped grow some veggies, they might take an interest in eating them. They haven't.  Until today.

Yesterday, our daily inspection of our garden led to a surprise discovery.
While we had found only a few tiny zucchini before, suddenly
we had missed a growth spurt and we found two giant zucchini.

Although they had pooh-poohed my yummy fried zucchini the
night before, today's chocolate zucchini muffins hit the spot.

While Ellie napped, Tommy had helped me mix the batter and fill the muffin tins.

Then while we were watering tonight, Ellie and I found four more zucchinis
a bit more than ready for harvest.  The two smaller ones I will saute.
 But I see a few more chocolate muffins in our future with the two giant ones.
 (They are sitting on a 10" dinner plate for size reference.)

Speaking of things that grow quickly...

Tommy measured 3' 1.9" at his 3 year check-up last week.
That is a 9" increase since his 2 year measurements.
He has also gone from 22.8 lbs to 31.6 lbs.
A few days later at home, he appears to have grown another 3 inches.
Until you notice that he is wearing shoes and standing on tippy-toes.
Like father, like son.

Ellie measured 3' 1.25" at her check-up.
Her kitty chart agrees with this.
This was an increase of 9.5" for her.
Her weight increased from 21.8 lbs to 33 lbs!


  1. Looks like you have the perfect environment for fast growing kiddos as well as zucchini! My Greek Grandpa would tell you that the huge zucchini is a big No No! Enjoy those muffins! You could freeze grated zucchini to make bread in the winter....just sayin'

    1. I totally agree with your grandpa! I have always been critical of people who let their zucchinis get too big, but I never realized just how fast it happens!

  2. I was given two HUGE zucchini which we shredded and froze. Tom tried to make sugar free zucchini bread. Don't ask me why - he's Mr. Healthy. Sometimes that gets on my nerves! But he cooks everything so I can deal with that. I just eat unhealthy when I go out to eat. We hardly ever go out to eat together. I usually go with my wonderful friends (including my buddy Vickie (and kids)).

  3. That's awesome, Vickie! What a great idea to help get them to eat veggies. Those muffins looked super delicious. The kids are growing like weeds!....well, beautiful weeds!

  4. Great job growing children and zucchini!


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