Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mother had her 80th birthday on April 4th, and our family gathered to celebrate.  We surprised her with a visit from my sister Pam, and her family, who came in from Washington.

We had a friend invite her to her favorite restaurant, Bob Evans, where the rest of us laid in wait.  It was a joyous reunion and a wonderful day.

Seventeen of her friends from the Y came, and with other friends and family, we had 37 people gathered.

On Saturday, the rest of our family joined us at my sister's home, where we recreated the party games of our youth.

Then we had a photographer, Don Sullivan, come in to do family portraits.  My kids were worn out from a week of travel and visits, a crazy sleep schedule and no nap that day. So by the time we were set to shoot pictures, they were super tired. They were sound asleep in the group picture. Oh well!

I made a photobook on Shutterfly for Mom to tell the story and capture memories from the weekend.


  1. Happy birthday to your Mom! She's so pretty and I love the pic of you two together. The one where she's hugging your sister brought tears to my eyes. The look on her face says it all. Looks like a really great day...sleepy kiddos and everything!

  2. Awesome day. How fun with all the celebration ideas. I think you need to plan my parties.

  3. I love this post! That picture of your mom in the birthday hat is priceless. So is the one with her hugging your sister. What game was that where they looked like they were sniffing something? haha My favorite picture though is the family one because of the twins sleeping. That is too too adorable!! I really think that makes the picture!

  4. That was a terrific celebration!


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