Saturday, January 18, 2014

Big Kid Beds

Yesterday, Tommy and Ellie spent their afternoon climbing up and getting down from the bed in Ellie's room.  They scattered all of the diapering supplies, grabbed all the things that were on top of her dresser, and climbed up to the higher bookshelves in her room to empty it.

When I commented on how well they were climbing up and down (with the use of an overturned trick-or-treat bucket) they grinned from ear to ear.  So I asked (as I do regularly) if they were ready to sleep in their big kid beds, and they both said yes.  I installed gates at their doors so they couldn't get out to play with each other during the night, and off to bed they went.

Ellie was excited to sleep in her "big bed" and after comfortably
arranging several pillows, fell straight to sleep.
Tommy was excited too... until I left the room. Then he was up repeatedly, and crying for me.
Eventually, he lost the privilege of the big bed and I put him in his crib.

I slept on the couch last night so that I would be nearby if there were any issues. In the middle of the night when Tommy cried to get up I put him in the big boy bed.  Then I fell asleep at the other end waiting for him to get to sleep. When I woke up he had turned himself around and we were sharing a pillow and he was hugging me.  I love that boy. :)

Sleeping tonight.  We'll work on the covers some other day.
For now, they are just using their familiar blankies.

Not willing to lose his privileges again, he went to bed without tears.

And these are just some cute dress-up pictures from a few days ago...


  1. Awww...I was just watching them in Church this morning and was amazed at how big and grownup they look! Now they are in big beds too...time flying by! I'm sure it's a bit easier as they get older but don't you want to just have them stay little a bit longer? Well, maybe not!

  2. Big kids beds bring lots of fun stories. Kota had to give up his crib so early because he has a baby coming when he was just 18 months. That was an adventure most weekends we'd wake up with eyes staring at us. Too cute.

  3. What an exciting childhood milestone! It looks like they are getting it down. Does everyone say that Ellie looks like Tom and Tommy looks like you? I think so. Grady just moved to his big boy bed, too. Awww I wish our kids lived closer to each other.


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