Thursday, November 28, 2013


We enjoyed two Thanksgiving gatherings this year.  Sunday, we went to my sister Sandy's house, and then today we visited with Tom's parents.

Tom was a good sport about attending the gathering at Sandy's. 
He brought a book and found a corner.

Sandy's dogs spent much of the afternoon on the outside looking in.  Dolefully.

Tommy with Grandma Lux

Rachel smashing the potatoes.
Johnny and Ellie spent a lot of time together. 
Upside-down time is Ellie's favorite.

Tommy and Ellie are telling Grandma about the card they made for her.
Q. Why do turkeys always gobble?
A. They haven't learned their table manners.
Sandy uncovering the goods.
Ellie and Tommy enjoying rolls from the bread basket they made.

Megan and Cole.  And Jasper, who was happy to be at the table, even though dinner was over.

My favorite guys.
After I caved to Jasper's pitiful looks and gave him a bit of pumpkin pie,
he tried to stare down Tom for a piece of his.
Still staring at the pie.  His eyes don't waver, even when Ellie
comes and tries to get his attention.

Looking out the window at the birds in Grandma Selvage's yard.

Grandpa had a box of goodies that he let Tommy and Ellie play with.
They found some old keys and were happy to look for locks they might fit.
The great discovery of the evening was flashlights.
They went running from room to room shining them around and
giggling like they were the first ones to discover light.

And here's a fun lesson for the week.  I uploaded all of my pictures to Google+ and discovered that they have an "Auto Awesome" feature.  If you load 2 or more pictures that are very similar in composition, they automatically combine the best facial features into a new photo:
John smiling, Bob not so much.
John blinking, Bob smiling.
Auto Awesome = the best of both!

Now, instead of ditching my bad pictures, I will try uploading them to see if a new one can be created from 2 less than perfect shots.


  1. God Bless your kids and your family.
    Look at all that food. I shall your blog to my hubby who is always complaining that I cook way too much food. LOL
    Happy Thanksgiving ( even if a day later).

  2. You know how to party! I can't believe how big the kids are...aren't they just babies? Thanks for the tip about Google+....I'm going to try it! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Aww...the kids are cuties! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Great find on the auto awesome. I'm totally going to use that! It's perfect for pictures with kids!


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