Saturday, September 14, 2013

I NEED some Silly Hats

We had a fun visit to Cincinnati this week.  We saw Grandma Lux and Aunt Sandy and cousins Rachel and Megan.

Here's a little fun time with Rachel...


Sandy and Megan went with us to Sharon Woods State Park where the kids played in a ball pit, then climbed up the tree house to check out the jail, and bird's nest.


These varmints are wanted as fun tour guides for the day.

And very much loved!

Saddle up, pardner!

Yee Haw!

Ellie is progressing by leaps and bounds in language skills.  This week she started speaking in complete sentences.  As in complete with adjectives and adverbs. Early Tuesday morning she walked into Sandy's kitchen and announced, "I NEED some ice cream!"  When that request wasn't granted, she moved on to "I NEED some milk!"  Not waiting patiently, she repeated herself a dozen more times, then modified it to "I NEED some milk, NOW!"  All day long, anything she wanted, she announced in the same way. "I NEED some books.  I NEED some toothpaste.  I NEED some bread", etc., etc.

On Friday, Grandma and Grandpa Selvage stopped by to visit.  They were game for some fun with silly dress-up hats that we have been acquiring.




  1. Some really good sports here! Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow up? It's also amazing how quickly we ask ourselves: "I really was wishing they would talk?" I love the hat with the horns..I NEED that one!

  2. So cute! We still quote things to Kayla that she said when she was little. This is the fun age.

  3. I love the pictures of the kids with Tom's parents. They're so cute together!

  4. By the way, I noticed that you commented about how big SVU will be when our kids grow up...they're goal is to have 1000 students by next year, which is quite an improvement from the 70 they had when the first LDS president took over!


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