Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A House Full of Letters

Tom brought home a set of alphabet letters that a friend at work gave him.  Tommy and Ellie were so excited by this new treasure and they have been playing with it for hours every day.  It has been a great supplement to Elmo's ABC dvd that seems to run in an endless loop here.

One morning last week I picked Ellie up out of bed, and she calmly recited her entire alphabet, no prompting required!

Tommy has also been learning his letters and is close on his sister's tail. I think he knows most of the letters; he can bring the right one from the board if you ask him for it, but his diction isn't quite as clear.  They are so cute when they get to Z in the alphabet song.  They always cheer wildly for themselves or whoever else is performing it.

They are also pretty darned cute when they give each other
a kiss before bedtime every night.

The most exciting new letters in our home are the ones that fell in place behind Tom's name this afternoon -- Ed.D.  He passed the oral defense of his dissertation today.  He will still need to do a final cleanup of the text and have it printed and bound, then of course he will do the walk in May to receive his diploma, but he has officially earned the title of Dr. Thomas Selvage.  Congratulations, my love. :)


  1. Congrats Tom! How wonderful and I know that was a ton of work. We're proud of you! Those kiddos are really growing fast but I've never heard them talk...I need to hang out in the nursery at Church I guess!

  2. Congratulations Tom! Wow how exciting is that! I know you're a proud wifey! Your kiddos are so smart, too!


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