Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Party

Tonight was our church Christmas social.  Ellie wore a cute little off the shoulder number that her grandma got for her.  I think I put the sweater back on her shoulders at least a dozen times, so she must have taken it off at least thirteen.
One of Santa's elves caught Ellie and twirled her around and around until they were both dizzy.  I'm pretty sure that was how she got all wound up for her evening.  She stayed on the move most of the evening.
Except when I tied them into chairs to eat.  At dinner the kiddos wore their Christmas bibs from last year.  Tommy just barely squeezed into his.  I cannot believe how big they are now!

I guess I didn't feed them quite enough, because after I let them down, Tommy found a refill somewhere.  I'm not sure whether he stole it from the serving table or from someone's plate, but he nibbled on this roll for the rest of the night.  He had a piece of it in his hand still when I changed him into his pajamas at home.


  1. Your kiddos looked really sweet. I can't believe that last year they were the babies in Santa's arms! I thought the program was really nice too.

  2. They sure did have a good time. It seems Ellie is a natural leader. She had a pack of kids following her around! :)

    1. I noticed the little pack. I think at least two of them were trying to steal her dress. :)


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